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Dubal customer seminar
An appointment not to be missed for the aluminium custode

Last year, Dubal's traditional meeting with customers and aluminium users, held as usual in conjunction with the great Dubai Desert Classic golf event, took place during a period of extraordinary uncertainty about the possible developments in the economy.
Everyone is still well aware of the concerns about the sudden deterioration of the global macroeconomic scene in 2009 and its impact on the global demand for aluminium. In 2011, the Customer Meeting held on the 13th of February, was held in a more relaxed atmosphere, with the comfort of figures showing a strong recovery for the global aluminium market.
Perhaps also for this reason, the meeting was attended by a particularly significant number of aluminium users, all extremely interested to know what the big producers like Dubal and Emal think about the world economy and the prospects of the global system connected to the light metal.
They were also very interested in understanding Dubal's and Emal's medium-term strategies.
The speakers at the seminar, introduced by Abdulla Jassim Kalban, Dubal President and Ceo (Photo), were Walid Al Attar, Dubal-Emal Vice President Marketing & Sales; Saeed Al Mazrooei, Emal Ceo; Saeed Al Qassim, Dubal General Manager - Export Finance, Administration & Logistics; and Uday Patel, Dubal Manager - Business Analysis.
In his opening, Abdulla Kalban, who is also Chairman of the GAC (Gulf Aluminium Council), noted the substantial progress in the sector throughout the region which has already achieved a total production of well over 3 million tonnes/year and has the potential to double this figure in the near future. Moreover, by being equipped with new-generation technologies and adhering to the most stringent environmen tal protection standards, the smelters in the Gulf region are considered to be among the most energy-efficient and environment-friendly smelters in the world.
Walid Al Attar briefly outlined Dubai Aluminium's strategic planning, which occurred with a continuous course of expansion to join the top five global producers of the metal. There is still a lot of attention paid to the aluminium downstream market within the company, in the spirit of partnership with users in order to promote the worldwide use of the light metal.
Saeed Al Qassim highlighted the positive trend in the 2010 sales of Dubal-Emal products, reaching a total level of more than 1.3 million tonnes, 48% made up of billets, 23.3% of foundry alloys and 18% of P1020 ingots. For 2011 there is the expectation of significant growth in sales, with a forecast of more than 1.75 million tonnes, and a greater percentage of the formats for transformation, billets and slabs, that together will represent almost 60% of the total.
Emal's Saeed Al Mazrooei paused to emphasize the importance of the aluminium industry for Abu Dhabi. In fact, Emal is one of the largest industrial projects outside of oil and gas and is the cornerstone of Abu Dhabi's industrialisation and diversification strategy; it is a major part of Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. The completion of the plant, which is characterized by being one of the largest greenfield smelters built to date in the world, has moved forward according to schedule, reaching the expected levels production of around 1.4 million tonnes per year. The project - the construction and operation of a new hi-tech aluminium smelter in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi - is making history by being one of the largest greenfield aluminium smelter ever built, and one of the largest industrial projects in the UAE.
Uday Patel concluded the proceedings with a very interesting Short-Term Market Outlook.
The economic outlook is obviously much better than last year; 2010 proved to be the year of the recovery for aluminium as well, even if the recovery has not been uniform globally.
The growth in demand was very strong last year and will be smaller in 2011 but, overall, is returning to the historical growth trends.
After the ups and downs of recent years a situation of greater equilibrium is returning with regard to the global balance of primary metal, even considering the high level of stocks. In essence, it is a market with good prospects for consolidation in the future, fuelled by the growth of domestic demand in Asian markets in particular, and also favoured by the expected recovery in the USA and Europe and by interest from institutional investors.
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